Our Farm


Nestled in the rolling hills of Sonoma County California lies the McClelland’s Dairy, a family farm established and run by family members who are committed to the health and well-being of their cows, land and their customers. In a world that is getting more impersonal and complicated every day, the McClelland’s have succeeded in creating a farming environment where nature is priority and their cows and chickens thrive.

Because the McClelland cows and chickens are eating organic pasture with no GMO’s, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers, it’s believed that their milk and eggs have a variety of beneficial qualities including higher levels of antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids. The McClelland’s provide their family and their customers with the highest quality products possible. It’s our belief that there is a direct correlation between the food that animals eat and the quality of the product being produced. It’s our quest for a top-quality product that drives our operation today as it will for the generations to come.


We are what we eat. It's obvious that if we choose to eat food produced with less chemicals and additives, we will ingest fewer chemicals and additives. But this is only one of the ways pasture fed animals provide health benefits to people. Grazing dairy cows and chickens produce milk & eggs containing higher levels of CLA's, antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that boost our immune systems and fight cancer and aging.


The bodies of cows and other ruminants are naturally suited to grazing on pasture grass. It's what they are most suited and comfortable doing. Their systems use the roughage to produce acid neutralizing saliva that helps in digestion. The overall health and well-being of pasture fed cows & chickens can only be helped by living out in the fresh air, leisurely eating naturally grown grasses in whatever amount and at whatever pace suits them. The life enjoyed by grass fed cows & chickens limits the stress put on their systems and allows them to produce high quality organic milk & eggs throughout their lifespan. This is something that cannot be said about traditional situations.


Grazing cows reduces the need for fuel burning machinery to harvest all of their feed. As they graze, the cows are simultaneously harvesting and fertilizing the land. The land used is not treated with chemicals and other unnatural elements, but rather left in the form that nature intended. Grasses also do their part in environmental preservation by drawing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it as carbon in their vast root systems.