Our Products

In the spring of 2009 we began processing our own organic dairy products. When you purchase our Certified Organic artisan dairy products, you not only get a healthful, premium product that you can feel good about serving to your family, you also support a system of agriculture that is environmentally sound.

You can find McClelland's Dairy quality organic products on store shelves throughout California as well as at local farmer's markets.


Our European-style butter is made with organic milk produced on the coastal hills of Sonoma County. We start with the best quality organic milk that is cold-separated to ensure the quality of the butterfat in the cream. The cream is then pasteurized in a small vat to produce a rich, robust flavor. The butter is tumble churned in small batches to achieve the perfect texture, then sea salt from the Sea of Brittany in France is added. It revives the old world values we started our dairy with in 1938. "From She to Thee" a slogan started by Lillian McClelland for the hand delivered milk - is now available once again with hand-packed butter. It delivers all the quality you would expect from the McClelland Dairy heritage.
Our Butter is Award Winning:
Our European Style Organic Artisan Butter is tumble churned the old fashioned way, giving it extra flavor and a creamy texture. Starting with the highest quality milk and these churning techniques have made our butter award winning. Our butter was a Double Gold winner (unanimous winner from all judges) at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair and won 3rd prize in the nation at the American Cheese Society Conference!
We appreciate your interest and love for our European Style Organic Artisan Butter. Unfortunately, we are not able to produce the butter at this time. Our goal is to have it available this holiday season. Please check back this fall to see an update. Thank you for supporting our family farm!


When the farm converted production to organic back in the early 2000’s, many organic specialists recommended having chickens around the farm. This is because chickens love to scratch, and will eat bugs and insects, therefore keeping the overall fly population down. We purchased our first organic chickens in the early days of organic and had them roaming around the farm, eating bugs, vegetation, and green grass. Because we had chickens, we now had chicken eggs. The eggs were sold at the local farmers market, alongside our organic butter. Customers were thrilled about the eggs, as they have rich, deep colored yolks from the birds eating grass, and therefore give them the health benefits of eating a grass based animal product. From this small adventure to keep down the fly population grew our product line of organic, grass raised chicken eggs. The farm now has several birds on a ranch in Marshal, overlooking the Bay. We have mobile houses, where the Little Girls (chickens) can lay eggs in a nesting box or perch inside at night for safety. Guard dogs keep a close eye on them as they spread out and wonder the fields looking for grass, bugs, and insects. After grazing an area on the ranch, the chickens are moved in the mobile house to another area of the ranch, in search of new grass and places to scratch. The chickens are never confined to their house, nor do we clip their wings, or beaks. Our McClelland’s Dairy eggs can be found at several stores throughout the Bay Area as well as the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market on Sunday’s.