Top 10 Things To Do at McClelland’s Dairy Organic Pumpkin Patch!

1) Pet a newborn baby calf

Pet a newborn baby calf

Take a guided farm tour, where you get to go through the nursery. That's where you see so many baby cows! Babies are born every day on the farm, so take a peak and pet the newest addition to McClelland's Dairy.


2) Milk a cow by Hand

Milk a cow by HandMilk a cow by Hand

Since you are taking the guided farm tour to see the newborn baby calf, take advantage and do our other favorite thing to do at McClelland's Dairy, and milk a cow by hand!! Your tour guide will explain all about the mama cow that you are going to milk, then each guest has an opportunity to try a turn squeezing milk from the teat of the cow. After milking by hand, the cow is then milked with the assistance of milking machine, using clear hoses so you can see the milk flowing from the cows udder into the bucket. 


3) Swim in the corn pit

Swim in the corn pitSwim in the corn pitSwim in the corn pit

Who needs a sand box, when there is corn! Whole organic corn kernels are great to swim, play, and relax in. There is also a wheat pit to submerse in. After the pumpkin patch this organic food is rolled and fed to the cows!


4) Take aim and blast a pumpkin

 Take aim and blast a pumpkin


5) Meet the farmers of McClelland's Dairy. Even better if you see Farmer George!

Meet the farmers of McClelland's Dairy


6) Scream in the Haunted House

Scream in the Haunted House

Dare to be scared? 

7) See how the farm milks 100 cows per hour 


This is a real working organic dairy farm, which means regular chores are happening every day, seven days a week. All of The Ladies make their way through the milking parlor twice per day, where the milk is collected via milking machine and then stored in refrigerated tanks. The farm has large viewing windows, so that you can watch the process from start to finish. Often when the cows are done being milked they stop and stare at guests. (It seems as if the humans are on display for the cows and not the other way around.)


8) Visit the cow kitchen

Take a hay ride to travel around the back of the barn and into the cow kitchen. See where all the cow food is stored, and if your lucky watch Chef Oscar mix some of the Ladies lunch for the day. 

9) View the organic dairy farm from the Observation Deck, 20 feet up!

iew the organic dairy farm from the Observation Deck, 20 feet up!

Look for the steps that take you on top of the haunted house. This observation deck lets you see into parts of the organic farm. It also gives you a great view of FunZone!

10) Find the perfect pumpkin 

Find the perfect pumpkin

The pumpkin patch wouldn't be complete without finding the perfect pumpkin! Wonder through over seven acres of organic pumpkins to find your favorite. These pumpkins are all grown organically, which means no pesticides, no artificial fertilizer, and no GMO"s. While walking around in the field, imagine what the field looks like during the springtime when its full of lush grass and the cows are out munching.